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Fire Alarm Systems

Aspire supply and install fire alarm systems across the UK.

At Aspire, we have the expertise to install any of the various types of fire alarm systems in any type of building. From residential properties to warehouses and office blocks and everything in-between, we have many years experience supplying, installing and maintaining these essential safety features.

There are three main types of fire alarm systems available. The first, conventional panels, are the most basic type of system and if budget is a major factor in your decision making process then these may be the best option. Addressable systems take conventional panels one step further by having the added benefit of highlighting exactly which detector has raised the alarm, thus ensuring the cause is quickly and easily found. The newest and most technologically-advanced type are wireless detection systems, which naturally need only a place to be mounted and are more stylish than the conventional wired systems.

There are strict regulations for the installation of fire alarms in the UK, so if you are unsure of the specific type of system you require, we are happy to carry out a free site survey and do a full fire risk assessment and advise, impartially, on what we would recommend as the best solution – all of our installations comply to the British Standards required by law, so please do get in touch.