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Aspirated Systems

If rapid fire detection is what you need, an aspirated smoke detection system may be the solution.

An aspirated fire detection system is designed to detect smoke before the fire has even developed. In fact, it can be so efficient at sniffing out smoke that it can pick it up before it’s visible to the naked eye.

Using an extractor fan, the system constantly monitors the air flowing through its pipe network, detecting smoke particles by the light they scatter within its laser smoke detection chamber. Regular smoke detectors are usually located on ceilings, meaning they are only effective once a fire has already taken hold – so if your requirements call for as early detection as possible, an aspirated system could be just what you require.

Other benefits include being able to customise the detection sensitivity, and contrary to what you may thing, the surrounding air does not have to be impeccably clean as this type of system will work in most environments, including warehouses and cold rooms.

This kind of technology may seem like something from the future, but Aspire can supply, install and maintain aspirated systems today, so please contact us for more details or to arrange a free site survey.