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Portable Mist Systems

Our portable mist systems offer a quick and effective method of fire suppression, domestically or in the workplace.

One of the most recent developments in the field of fire suppression are mist systems. These are designed to create a fine mist (opposed to a stream of water like conventional sprinkler systems) so as to cut down the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere whilst simultaneously increasing the amount of moisture, creating an environment in which fires cannot develop or spread.

The mist systems we supply, install and maintain are also portable, making them an ideal choice for temporary requirements as well. They only need a standard mains socket or fused spur to function, and there is much less risk to surrounding equipment when compared to sprinkler systems, however we would still advise carrying out a full risk assessment prior to making your final decision when choosing a fire suppression option for home or workplace. We offer a free site survey to ensure we advise on the most appropriate solution, so please get in touch to arrange one.

These mist systems have been designed to suppress fires within a 16m² area and controlling double that area by continuously distributing water droplets of a specific size for 10 minutes. The in-built detector is ideal for detecting slow smouldering fires as well as fast burning ones and has an in-built wireless auto-dialler, though it can also be easily integrated with your existing systems.