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Dry and Wet Risers

A legal requirement for buildings over a certain height, dry and wet risers are an important system in fighting fires.

Wet and dry risers are not just a vital fire suppression method, they are a legal requirement in many buildings. If your premises (regardless of use) is under 60 metres tall and at least 18 metres above sea level, a dry riser is required. If your building (again, residential or commercial) is above 60 metres, then you are legally required to install a wet riser system. The differences between the two systems are explained below.

Dry Risers

This type of system is essentially just a network of empty pipes running through the walls of your building, connecting to fire suppression devices such as sprinklers. They are designed to be filled with liquid (usually water) to extinguish the fire by the fire brigade upon their arrival.

Wet Risers

These are similar in function to dry risers but are constantly full of water, allowing detection systems to be integrated into the risers so when a fire is detected the water is released instantly without the need of the fire brigade.

A number of factors determine which type of riser your premises will require, so we would advise getting in touch to arrange a FREE site survey, or to request a risk assessment of your individual needs.