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Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system from Aspire is a cost-effective method of fire suppression for your property.

You have probably noticed these before – little nozzles mounted in the ceilings, usually of retail or commercial buildings, that are designed to automatically shower the area below it with water upon detection of a fire in that particular zone.

Sprinklers are an excellent way to quickly extinguish fires, especially in areas that the fire brigade struggle to access, such as multi-storey buildings. However, water is not always the best option when it comes to suppressing fires as it can also cause damage to equipment, such as computers and machinery, so we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your exact requirements and arrange a free site survey if required.

We are able to supply, install and maintain a few different types of sprinkler systems (ie wet systems, dry systems, deluge systems, and a system that is a hybrid of all three), and which one you choose will depend on both your budget and the facilities available in your property. Our fire risk assessment service will be able to determine the most appropriate system for you, so please feel free to ask our advice.