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Fire Suppression Systems

Extinguish fires incredibly quickly by installing a gas fire suppression system.

Should the worst happen and a fire breaks out in your building, you need a system that extinguishes it as quickly, effectively, and with as little disruption to your business as possible.

That is where our gas fire suppression system comes in – the cylinders contain FM200 gas which eliminates the heat element fires need (along with oxygen and fuel) in less than 10 seconds, ensuring the affected area is extinguished extremely efficiently and with no left-over residue that is typically associated with other fire suppression systems such as sprinklers or mist systems.

An added benefit of FM200 is that it is perfectly safe to use within occupied areas as it is classed as a “clean agent”. In fact, it is so harmless to humans that it is used as a propellant in asthma inhalers. There is an environmental benefit of using FM200 systems, too, as the gas does not deplete the ozone at all.

This type of fire suppression system requires a network of pipes around your building, so Aspire can either design and install the best solution for you, or work with your existing network if there is a suitable one already in place. We would encourage you to contact us so we can determine and design the right type of fire suppression system for you.