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Alarm Monitoring

Ensure somebody responds to the security systems you have put in place when needed.

So you have your CCTV system, intruder alarms, and access control in place – but when an alarm is triggered, what is actually going to happen? The worst-case scenario is nothing – the alarm will sound, but if there is nobody on-site to hear it, what’s the use? That is where our alarm monitoring service comes in – Aspire can configure your security systems to automatically inform us (or any other service/person of your choosing) as soon as the alarm detects something untoward.

When the notification is received, we will contact the relevant authorities and/or the keyholders for the premises to ensure the appropriate response is actioned straight away and damage to your business is minimised.

For a small monthly fee, the peace-of-mind our alarm monitoring service provides is invaluable. Don’t rely on a worried member of staff remembering the correct procedure should a fire break out, or assume someone will hear your intruder alarm and call the police – that’s just not going to happen. Trust the professionals at Aspire to handle the situation for you.